KNOLeadership School Bidiyah

KNOLeadership School is a new age school focused on delivering a pedagogy that shapes today’s children to be the leaders of tomorrow. A first of its kind in Oman, located in Bidiyah, about 2 hours from Muscat, it amalgamates accessibility with a conducive learning environment.

This Boarding School for boys is dedicated towards holistic and comprehensive development of students delivering a high-quality education based on Cambridge curriculum. Education goes beyond the four walls of a classroom, and this is embodied in the curriculum imparted to students.  Well-structured after school hours activities - whether indoors or outdoors, sports field, Greenhouse, or Swimming Pool, in camps or even in cafeteria, during educational visits or when engaged in Community work – are aimed to develop skills that prepare our students to face the world beyond school.

Be a part of the KNOLeadership School that believes in ‘Excellence in Education and All-Round Development’; a school that enhances knowledge in a stress-free manner while cultivating leadership values, inculcating discipline, strengthening moral character, encouraging critical thinking, enhancing communication skills, and developing social responsibility – towards others and the environment.